The University of Melbourne is a globally engaged, comprehensive, research-intensive university uniquely positioned to respond to the major social, economic and environmental challenges of our time.

Melbourne Dental School Research

The Melbourne Dental School is dedicated to several areas of Research which fall under our Dental Research Themes. The focuses surround improving public health, analysing the impact, improvement of technologies, and bettering of practices - all in the area of Oral Health.

Dental School Research Projects

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Graduate Research at MDHS

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Research in the Faculty

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences is Australia's largest biomedical research faculty. We employ more than 1500 academic staff, 4000 honorary staff and 1500 graduate researchers undertaking world class research across a wide range of health and social issues in a diverse range of research settings. Researchers are located at key sites across Victoria, with more conducting research around the world. These renowned experts from every field can be found in labs, hospitals, affiliated research institutes and all across the wider community.

Information and support tools for Faculty staff are available on the Faculty intranet.

Annual Research Report 2020-21

This report details the tremendous breadth and depth of our research and its impact

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