Prof. Rodrigo Mariño in MDS & Prof. Zazor from Uni Frontera published a new book!

The book "Introduction to Economic Evaluation in Oral Health Care," edited by researchers A/Prof. Carlos Zaror of Universidad de La Frontera (Temuco, Chile) and Prof. Rodrigo Mario of The University of Melbourne, was recently published by the prestigious Editorial Springer-Nature.


This is the first book on economic evaluation in the field of oral health, and it will assist practitioners in understanding the critical process of comparing the costs and benefits of various therapeutic alternatives.

Economic evaluation is critical for making decisions about the implementation of various health interventions. However, while economic evaluation in health has gained traction in recent years, dentistry has lagged behind other areas of health, particularly medicine.

Motivated by their experience and knowledge in economic evaluation, the authors decided to write the book to address this need in oral health. International experts from Australia, Chile, the United States, England, and Sweden were invited to collaborate by the editors.

The aim of the book is not to train experts in economic evaluation, but rather to assist practitioners in understanding the process. It presents fundamental concepts with relevant examples so that people with no prior knowledge of health economics can understand them. Each of the thirteen chapters in the book provides examples in the field of oral health. It is highly practical in nature, making it ideal for those just starting out in economic evaluation. The book's uniqueness stems from its focus on the oral health profession and its characteristics.

The book "Introduction to Economic Evaluation in Oral Health Care" is available from here.