Welcome to Melbourne Dental School

The University of Melbourne is recognised internationally as a leader in graduate research training. As one of our researchers, you will be working with leading experts in the Dentistry field in first rate facilities such as the Melbourne Dental Clinic.

In collaboration with Industry partners and The Melbourne Dental School offers a range of grants, awards and scholarships which support students’ research projects and post graduate studies. Research degrees allow students to study a specific subject area in great depth through sustained, independent enquiry, carried out under the supervision of research staff of the faculty. Assessment is based on a written thesis and varies in length according to the degree program. For more detailed information regarding available grants and application requirements as well as ethical standards, thesis guidelines and formatting, please see below.

  • Grants/Awards & Scholarships

    Information for students regarding grants, research funding and scholarship applications

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  • Ethics

    Students undertaking any research involving either Humans or Animals must apply for timely Ethics approval

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  • Thesis Formatting

    Formal guidelines and resources for thesis formatting in accordance with UoM standards

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