Bansari Shah - N.A. Twiss Scholarship recipient and Honours student

"Honours is a great opportunity for the practical application of the theoretical knowledge and skills I have developed in the last three years while studying Biomedicine."

Bansari Shah

It was a meeting with Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty that gave Bansari a deeper understanding of the importance of evidence-based practice, translating scientific knowledge for the community, and good science communication.

As an Honours student, Bansari sees these important elements in action.

Bansari is researching cancer vaccine studies and assessing the generation of safe and effective nanoparticle peptide-based T cell vaccine that has applicability in cancer.

"The investigation will utilise novel calcium phosphate nanoparticles, and the study of T cell immune responses."

"This project really resonates with my interest in immunology and cancer immunotherapy, and it also involves interdisciplinary collaborations, which is very exciting!"

Bansari is eager to pursue a research career after her degree. Honours, she says, will help to consolidate this by giving her the opportunity to develop essential research skills, as well as skills in critical thinking, collaboration, report writing and problem-solving.

"My motivation for studying honours is to experience research-based study in a professional environment."

She is also excited to work with and learn from world-leading researchers at the University of Melbourne.

Bansari, one of two recipients of the N.A. Twiss scholarship, speaks about the impact of the scholarship for her Honours research.

"The N.A. Twiss scholarship will play a significant role in not only supporting my research year but also greatly contributing to my confidence as an undergraduate biomedical research student."

Bansari Shah

N.A. Twiss Scholarship recipient (2020) & Bachelor of Biomedicine (Honours) (2017-2020)