Register for D3G's International Symposium on Molar Hypomineralization & Chalky Teeth

The D3 Group (D3G) for developmental dental defects will hold its long-awaited inaugural Symposium in Toronto Canada, on October 12-14, 2022.


This unique experience of medico-dental science translation will see researchers join other key stakeholders in exploring a collaborative attack on the "chalky molar" (molar hypomineralization or "MH") problem. With many of the 14 million new cases each year experiencing a tenfold higher risk for tooth decay, MH is a rampant yet under-appreciated burden on global health. Research leading to amelioration at medical and dental levels will have massive social impacts around the world.

This Symposium will engage a broad range of researchers (basic&applied) under eight translational projects spanning clinical & home care, clinico-scientific standards, public health & education, and medical prevention. Earlyregistration is strongly recommended as COVID safety may necessitate capped attendance.

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