Prof. Mike Hubbard's Interview with Canadian Dental Association

Honorary Prof. Mike Hubbard of MDS speaks with the Canadian Dental Association about his findings on molar hypomineralization.

Molar hypomineralization, also known as “chalky teeth”, is a developmental dental defect that results in low amounts of calcium mineral in enamel of affected teeth, often leaving them soft and porous. The condition affects more than 1-in-5 children worldwide and leads to increased incidences of caries and tooth decay.

While the specific causation and pathogenesis of molar hypomineralization has remained a mystery for over 100 years, a recent study published in Frontiers on Physiology now points to a breakthrough understanding.

In the interview with Canadian Dental Association, corresponding author Mike Hubbard, a professor at the faculty of medicine, dentistry and health sciences at the University of Melbourne, discusses his findings and outlines what this breakthrough might mean for the clinical management of this condition.

“For the first time we’ve got a simple explanation for the sporadic nature of this condition.”

— Professor Mike Hubbard

Mike Hubbard is a founding member of the D3 Group who will be hosting a world-first international symposium on molar hypomineralization at University of Toronto and SickKids on October 12-14, 2022. Pre-registration is now open at