Honouring 25 years’ service at MDS

What a great honour to recognise and celebrate staff members with 25 years or more of service. Rebecca did a fantastic job as emcee.

It was really exciting to travel back in time and hear the staff describe how they were hired. The general consensus was that they remained for the camaraderie. Ms Sue Dobell expressed her pride in working with all of the students and the pleasure she has had in shaping them into great people and, ultimately, great dentists.


Prof Neil O’Brien-Simpson shared how he and Stuart had shared a small office at the beginning of their careers and they are still close.


Dr. Christine Seers also spoke about her first office, yet another storage room and how she had thoroughly enjoyed her time at MDS but how retirement is beckoning.


Dr Peiyan Shen shared how he has enjoyed being part of the staff over his journey.


Prof Julie Satur was integral in setting up the BOH program and the enjoyment she has had in seeing it grow into what it is today.  She also started out in a storage room with four others.