Sitting Down with the Students of MDS: Rachel Ling

Meet Rachel, a second year Doctor of Dental Surgery student  
at the University of Melbourne

Hi Rachel! What would you tell students who want to study your degree?

“You need to be quite well-balanced for this course. It is one thing to be academically prepared, but hand skills and coordination are critical too. You don’t have to be da Vinci to succeed but investing in your fine motor skills will help. On top of that, having a healthy social/work/sleep balance is key. Learn to study more efficiently, and you’ll have time for all the extracurricular events that DDS has to offer. There are so many awesome events to partake in besides your academic studies, so find that balance and you’ll have an amazing time.”

What's next for you?

“It’s the early days, so I’m just focused on completing this course first. There are however many specialties that are available (but they’re super competitive!). I’m loving endodontics right now – there’s something really satisfying about cleaning out a root canal. Having said that, we never know what might happen in two years. I might even apply for the DVM and try for a residency in Vet Dentistry!”