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Meet: Qiannan (Wendy) Huang, Doctor of Dental Surgery

"Studying at Melbourne really broadened my horizons and further enhanced my passion and determination to help people through dentistry."

Qiannan with a patient

Qiannan completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at the Melbourne Dental School in 2017, after completing her Bachelor of Biomedicine in 2013, and her Trinity College Foundation Studies (TCFS) in 2010 at the University of Melbourne. Qiannan was awarded the Sir Harold Dew Medical Scholarship in 2015, 2016 and 2017, the Ormond Scholar Award in 2014, and a Melbourne Global Mobility Scholarship in 2012.

Qiannan's experiences of TCFS, Biomedicine and Ormond College prepared her for the Doctor of Dental Surgery, helping her reach a perfect balance between studies and life in the city of Melbourne.

"The University of Melbourne offers an incredible learning experience surrounded by a strong network of supporting staff, students and alumni," said Qiannan. "The Doctor of Dental Surgery program is also recognised worldwide, which enables us to register and practice in other countries upon graduation."

"I absolutely love the interaction with patients from second year onwards. We gradually built up our skills and confidence in clinical practice within a very supportive learning environment. I really enjoy the lifelong friendships I have developed with the people I met through Biomedicine and DDS."

Qiannan with a patient

Qiannan is currently working as an Associate Dentist at St Helens Dental in Tasmania.

"It was a smooth transition from DDS to work at a private practice as I was well-prepared in the methodology and foundation from my training at the University of Melbourne. I love the interaction with patients and their satisfaction really makes me feel my career is exceptionally rewarding."

Qiannan is also involved in a new community initiative bringing dental care to aged care home residents.

"The reason I am in the profession is to help and care for people. With the new initiative, we can make sure we are caring for people in aged care and improving their quality of life," she said.

Qiannan advises current and future students to 'dream large' and explore 'endless opportunities'.

"It is never too early to think ahead. Get involved with different clubs, activities and events, and do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Be positive and explore your enormous potential!"

Qiannan Huang, Doctor of Dental Surgery


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