Open Day 2019- Melbourne Dental School

Thank you for your contribution towards the 2019 Open Day

Open Day 2019

Thank you for your contribution towards the 2019 Open Day.  The event was a great success and would not have been possible without the participation and support from students and staff.  At RDHM, there were many prospective staff and students who took tours of the teaching facilities, including the Geoffrey Wylie Lecture Theatre, where research posters were available and students demonstrated ‘how to brush your teeth’.

Preclinical RDHM

At MDC, visitors were queuing up to play with the Moog Simondont, a big drawcard to the venue.  Our presence on campus was also fantastic, including information sessions on BOH and DDS, and activation workshops on ‘How to keep your teeth longer’.

Dentistry @ Kenneth Myer

Students contribution to the workshops, providing course information, and participating in the student panel, demonstrated their enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for Dentistry and Oral Health.

We heard positive comments from staff, such as; “We spent an interesting couple of hours on Open Day, and our student guides and panels were enthusiastic and very well informed.”

The feedback from the students was much the same, a BOH student advised: “It was a great pleasure being part of the big day. Thanks for providing the opportunity.  I enjoyed every second of it”.

Thank you to all.

To celebrate the success, the organising committee is providing lunch for all the volunteers.