Dr Antonio Celentano awarded ADRF Grant

Congratulations to Dr Antonio Celentano for being successfully awarded an ADRF (Australian Dental Research Foundation) Grant for 2021.

The Grant has been awarded for his project titled “The effect of anticoagulants on OSCC treatment: a comprehensive in vitro study” that will examine the hypothesis that anticoagulants may affect oral cancer prognosis.

The results of the proposed study will provide novel insight into critical therapeutic mechanisms for oral cancer growth and progression, inform further study of the mechanisms of cancer progression in other in vitro cancer models for different epithelial types, and open new avenues for the development of innovative mouse models of cancer therapeutics.

Dr Celentano intends to use the funds for laboratory studies which will be undertaken at the tissue culture laboratory of the Melbourne Dental School, where he has already undertaken extensive work in the field of oral oncology.

Dr Antonio Celentano