Annual Research Report 20-21 | Melbourne Dental School

This report details the tremendous breadth and depth of our research and its impact, highlights our amazing early career researchers and award-winning students, and demonstrates the transdisciplinary and highly collaborative nature of our research. Many of our researchers are leaders or emerging leaders in their fields and indeed some of our researchers have literally created their own fields. Many of our PhD students have also gone on to become leaders in their fields, not only in Australia but throughout our region and around the globe.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural Melbourne Dental School Annual Research Report. I have had the privilege of being a researcher at The Melbourne Dental School for over 30 years and during that time I have seen us grow into one of the finest dental research schools in the world. We have an excellent tradition of innovation and impactful research that has changed the way we view and treat oral disease and made a real difference to the oral health of people around the globe.

Stuart Dashper

Professor Stuart Dashper, Director of Research

I am delighted to introduce the Annual Research Report for the Melbourne Dental School, our first since my appointment as Head of School in 2020. As a researcher myself, I am delighted to be leading a School with a strong tradition of research endeavour and a School which is home to basic and clinical scientists who have been recognised as leaders in their field. Since my appointment I have implemented a process of change to structure our research activity across 3 broad Divisions, Basic and Clinical Oral Sciences; Cariology, Population Health & Oral Health; and Oral/Dental Education & Innovation, reflecting the research that is undertaken in the School.

Melbourne Dental School engages in world leading translational research which strives to make significant advances to patient care and novel therapeutic approaches. We work with multiple collaborators and partners to undertake truly interdisciplinary studies and I hope you enjoy reading the report and learning more about the research activity of the School.

Professor Sloan

Professor Alastair Sloan, Head of Melbourne Dental School

The Annual Research Report can be read below.

Annual Research Report