Alumni profile – Dr Gareema Prasad

Originally from Darwin, Gareema is an Australian trained dentist, with 14 years of private practice clinical experience in Melbourne, Singapore and India. Gareema has also completed her PhD in Oral Cancer at the Melbourne Dental School (MDS).
Dr Gareema Prasad

“The things that attracted me to the Melbourne Dental School were the eminent teachers, high-quality, world recognised research, and the wider University of Melbourne ecosystem. As the best dental program in Australia, it was great to be accepted by the School.”

Gareema’s grandfather was a doctor in Darwin and she has always had an interest in health sciences.

“I saw close up the impact he had on people’s lives and the community. I felt dentistry combined the rigor of diagnosis and also gave the satisfaction of hands on work.”

Gareema has recently established a dental training centre in Mumbai, India which aims to create a platform where high quality CPD courses are offered to dentists in India and the surrounding region.

“Moving to India to start a world class training institute and dental health centre has been a new challenge for me. The journey from clinician, to researcher, to entrepreneur has made me cultivate different skill sets.

The need for CPD in India couldn’t be higher. The country graduates one of the highest number of dentists in the world, however there is a large variation in quality. There is also the need to continuously improve and differentiate your skills set. This is why I founded the International Dental Education Center (IDEC), to bring the best dental continuing education to India.”

The Melbourne Dental School is very excited to be running a Masterclass in Prosthodontics at IDEC in 2021. This will be the first CPD course run by MDS outside of Australia and will be delivered by:

  • Roy Judge, Head of Prosthodontics and Director of CPD at MDS
  • Carolina Perez Rodriguez, President of the Australian Prosthodontics Society Victoria Branch.

Gareema has a long standing association with the Melbourne Dental School and is looking forward to building the relationship between IDEC and MDS into the future. Further details of the Masterclass in Prosthodontics will be announced soon.