With six specialties as well as general dentistry available in the one location, our multi-disciplinary team collaborate together to make treatment recommendations that facilitate quality patient care.

General Dentistry

We have two general dental services, both of which provide the following:

  • Comprehensive oral health care;
  • Preventive dentistry;
  • Restorative dentistry including fillings, crowns and replacement of missing teeth
  • Regular check-ups and cleaning;
  • Root canal therapy.

Student Based Service

Our student dental sevice has final year students from the Melbourne Dental School  who are guided and closely supervised by our leading dental practitioners. Appointment times are longer than normal to allow time for close supervision.The teaching and learning component of our service provides the opportunity to reduce our fees.

The Fees for the StudentGeneral Dental Service are broadly 20% less than the Australian Dental Association’s published annual average fees (ADA Average Rate – derived from their last survey).

Private Dental Practice

Our Private Practice, co-located with the student service and our specialist dentistry services, is enhanced by its location in central Melbourne, and supported by an Oral Health Therapist and an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

The fees for our Private Dental Practice are set at standard Melbourne metropolitan rates.

Introducing our Private Dental and Oral Health Practitioners

Dr Kamalin Chetty BChD (Pretoria) PD Implantology

General Dentist

Dr Kamalin Chetty graduated in 2005. His areas of practice include restorative dentistry, endodontics, dentures and dental implants; with a particular focus on cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain and composite veneers and teeth whitening.

Kamalin adopts a patient-centred approach to his practice. He recognizes that visiting the dentist may be stressful and, therefore, appreciates the importance of being relatable and personable, whilst providing a high level of clinical and surgical care.

Kamalin is committed to continuously providing the best care for his patients by staying abreast of the latest developments within the dental profession.

Outside of Denistry, Kamalin is a sports lover with a passion for cricket, soccer and tennis.

Dr Alanna Tanner BSc DDS (University of Melbourne)

General Dentist

Dr Alanna Tanner was born and raised in Melbourne, pursuing a career in dentistry after completing a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. When the Melbourne Dental Clinic was first established, Alanna was part of the first cohort to train at MDC. Since completing her Doctor of Dental Surgery with the University of Melbourne in 2014, Alanna has been working in a suburban family practice.

Alanna enjoys many facets of dentistry and actively maintains continuous education. She completed the Progressive Orthodontic Training with honours, takes a special interest in TMJ treatment (jaw-joint pain) and enjoys helping her patients achieve their dream smile. Alanna enjoys interacting and treating patients of all ages, whilst delivering optimal treatment outcomes guided by evidence-based practice.

Alanna’s pharmacological background and further clinical training enable her to provide nitrous oxide “happy gas” sedation  to assist anxious patients during their visits to the clinic.

Outside of dentistry Alanna enjoys spending time with family, friends and her dog Max, a beagle crossed with a pug.

Ronald Tan BOH PGCDT (ACP)

Oral Health Therapist

Ronald completed his Bachelor of Oral Health on the Dean’s Honours List and with the highest aggregate score from the University of Melbourne in 2009. During his studies he received awards for excellence including the Dental Hygienists Association of Australia Prize and the Dental Health Services Victoria Dental Therapy Prize. He then completed his Postgraduate Certificate in Dental Therapy (Advanced Clinical Practice) in 2013, also from the University of Melbourne.

He has worked in public and private dental practices on the Mornington Peninsula since 2010 and prides himself on working to the highest standards. Ronald keeps up to date by regularly attending and organising conferences and lectures for the profession. He is also a Clinical Tutor Instructor for the Bachelor of Oral Health program.

In his spare time Ronald is a landscape photographer and enjoys woodworking to frame his artwork and create furniture.

Mr Jameel Kaderbhai

BDSc (Qld) MFDS RCS (Eng) PGDip OMS (Melb) MBBS (Melb) FRACDS (OMS)

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

After graduating from dentistry at the University of Queensland in 2003, Jameel completed his medical degree at the University of Melbourne followed by specialty training in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery through the Victorian & Tasmanian Training Centre. Jameel pursued further sub-specialty training in Europe and the United Kingdom, including a prestigious fellowship in craniofacial surgery at the Birmingham Children’s and Queen Elizabeth Hospitals. He currently has appointments at several tertiary Melbourne Hospitals where he is dedicated to training future specialist surgeons.

Jameel is committed to ongoing learning and is a regular participant at international and local meetings for his specialty. Areas of interest include oral surgery and complex implant treatment, including augmentation of hard and soft tissues. Jameel has a passion for working in multidisciplinary teams; whether this involves complex dental implant treatment or correction of facial deformity.

Jameel will provide Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical services on a sessional basis at the Melbourne Dental Clinic


Endodontics is the specialised area of dentistry that focuses on teeth affected by inflammation of the tooth pulp and tissue surrounding the root of the tooth. The endodontic procedures we offer include:

  • Root canal treatment;
  • Endodontic surgery;
  • Treatment of cracked teeth, and;
  • Treatment for dental trauma.

Our postgraduates are dentists who have returned to continue their educational process in an educational specialty program focusing on endodontic treatment.


Orthodontics is the science of straightening teeth and correcting jaw alignment using appliances such as braces or removable plates. Our service provides comprehensive orthodontic treatment for adults, teenagers and children using the most up-to-date techniques and materials, including:

  • The latest technology brackets;
  • Elastic wires;
  • Temporary anchorage devices;
  • Clear aligners.

Our postgraduates are dentists who have returned to continue their educational process in an educational specialty program focusing on orthodontic treatment

Paediatric Dentistry

When it comes to dental care for children our training paediatric dentists are experienced in all areas including behaviour management techniques. Our focus for the child is to make their experience the best possible. Our child-friendly waiting rooms, colourful dental chairs and behaviour management techniques will help contribute to your child having a positive experience.

Some of the specific services we provide to children include:

  • Preventive dental care including fluoride application and pit and fissure
  • Restoration of primary and permanent teeth
  • Treatment of dental trauma;
  • Minor oral surgery, including extractions.

Our postgraduate students are dentists who have returned to continue their educational process in a specialty program focusing on paediatric dental treatment. Our clinic is set up with a closed clinic concept geared toward the treatment of children. Generally our fees are based on the Australian Government fee schedule. We treat children eligible under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).


Periodontics is the specialised area of dentistry concerned with the supporting structures of the teeth, mainly the gums and jawbone.

Our postgraduate students are dentists who have returned to continue their educational process in an educational specialty program focusing on periodontic treatment


Prosthodontics provides treatment for patients with missing, worn or damaged teeth by providing in-depth diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance support. The prosthodontic procedures we offer:

  • Conventional crowns;
  • Fixed bridges;
  • Ceramic crowns and veneers;
  • Partial dentures;
  • Full dentures;
  • Teeth whitening, and;
  • Restoration of dental implants.

Our post graduates are dentists who have returned to continue their educational process in an educational specialty program focusing on prosthodontic treatment

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