Welcome to Melbourne Dental School

Students are required to observe standards consistent with the privilege of treating patients. Being constantly under scrutiny, not only in the clinics, but generally moving about the public thoroughfares of the Dental School/Hospital building, it is important to observe UoM guidelines. Students are required to dress professionally when in the building and present for any clinical business or interactions with patients. Professional dress and behaviour conveys an appropriate impression when handling patients' needs. The requirements for dress and conduct of students have been produced after consultation between staff and students.

In order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, which may be caused by disciplinary action, Students must observe these requirements at ALL times when in the Dental School/Hospital building.

Students MUST follow these requirements or may not be permitted to participate in classes.

  • Dental School/Hospital Rules

    Students are required to observe the rules of both Melbourne Dental School & the Dental Health Services of Victoria who run the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne

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  • Clinic Rules

    Clinical Placement & Clinical activities are a large part of the Student Experience within the School. These rules are for the benefit of both student & patients in the clinics.

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  • Dress and Behaviour

    Students are required to observe dress code standards in order to meet both professionalism as well as health & safety for themselves, patients & others.

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  • Infection Control Guidelines

    Infection Control is a critical requirement in all public & private health practices & must be ahered to at all times.

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