Master of Biomedical Science (MC-BMEDSC)

Master of Biomedical Science at the Melbourne Dental School

The Master of Biomedical Science is an alternative to the Honours to PhD pathway. Students undertake a substantive research project and nominate one of three specialisations, gaining specialist knowledge through discipline-specific coursework subjects. In addition, a suite of professional business and communication subjects are offered to complement and enhance the research undertaken and to progress students’ career opportunities.

At the Melbourne Dental School, you will have the opportunity to develop research skills in a wide range of technologies and experimental systems, including:

  • next-generation sequencing and transcriptomics;
  • molecular biology, including gene-silencing and gene-editing;
  • bacterial and mammalian cell culture;
  • flow cytometry, including cell-sorting;
  • immunofluorescence confocal microscopy and electron microscopy;
  • proteomics, including mass spectrometry;
  • bioinformatics and molecular modelling;
  • recombinant protein expression and purification, and mouse models of disease.

Research Project Guide

The Research Project Handbook details the projects that are available for prospective Masters Students for 2023.

Prospective PhD students will find the Handbook useful as it gives an indication of the diversity of basic science and clinical research at the Melbourne Dental School. The research projects are also listed on the MDHS Research Project Database.

How to Apply

  1. Download the Research Project Handbook to see the range of projects available
  2. Contact the relevant project supervisor to discuss your interest in their research. It is a good idea to email them a copy of your CV and your academic transcripts to help them understand your background, interests and academic strengths
  3. Make a time to meet with potential supervisors to discuss your project interests and discuss your academic record
  4. Visit the laboratory and meet other students and researchers
  5. In some cases, supervisors may be willing to offer you a provisional place in their laboratory (a provisional offer indicates that you have a guaranteed place in the Honours course, providing you satisfy all other entry requirements)
  6. Apply online through the Master of Biomedical Science website:

Further information

If you have not already done so, you should familiarise yourself with the structure, entry requirements, fees and scholarships, and application process for Master of Biomedical Science.


School contacts

Master of Biomedical Science Coordinator

Dr Catherine Butler


Phone: + 61 3 9341 1565

Academic Programs Team