Characterisation of novel P. gingivalis cell surface proteinase/adhesins

Project Details

We have a strategic research program to characterize the novel extracellular proteinase/adhesin complexes of P. gingivalis and determine their role in pathogenesis using animal models. Using a combination of genetic and protein approaches including insertional gene inactivation, site-directed mutagenesis, protein cross-linking and mass spectrometric analyses we are determining the structure, function and secretion of these unique cell surface proteins. Using a series of isogenic mutants we have already determined that these proteins are the major virulence factors of the bacterium.

Research Group

The Oral Microbiology and Microbiome Group

Faculty Research Themes

Infection and Immunology

School Research Themes

Oral Infection and Immunity

Key Contact

For further information about this research, please contact the research group leader.

Department / Centre

Melbourne Dental School

MDHS Research library
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