Osaka City Council Visit MDS

Focus on Augment Reality in Dental Education

Osaka City Council Group Photo

The Mayor of Osaka City recently visited the Melbourne Dental School as part of the 45th anniversary of the Melbourne-Osaka sister city relationship. MDS hosted this event with senior delegates from Osaka City and the University of Melbourne, showcasing the use of augmented reality (AR) in dental education by Dental Predictions.

MDS Osaka Presentation

Dental Predictions demonstrated how AR technology can enhance education in our ever-expanding digital world, aiming to improve the quality of teaching at all levels of clinical training. This includes, the ability to provide patient-based simulations prior to medical and dental procedures.

In a significant collaboration with Softbank, Dental Predictions is leveraging technology to drive national and international networks, aiming to provide teaching to regional and global partners and improve health outcomes.

Osaka City Council Visit MDS