Melbourne Dental School Shines at the IADR Conference and Announcing Alastair as Vice-President

Congratulations to our Academics and students, including Head of School, Prof. Alastair J. Sloan, now Vice-President of the IADR ANZ Division, for their contributions to oral and poster sessions and symposia.

IADR Team Photo

MDS had a strong presence at the 62nd Annual Scientific Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Division of the International Australian Dental Association (IADR), in Sydney.

Congratulations to all Academics and students who participated in the various oral and poster sessions, as well as symposia, including Prof. Alastair J. Sloan, who was appointed as Vice-President of the IADR ANZ Division.

Award to Nadia at IADR

In exciting news, Dr. Nadia Kaunein (image above) was awarded second place in the highly competitive Colgate Competition and will be funded by the IADR ANZ to travel to the 102nd General Session & Exhibition of the IADR in New Orleans in 2024.

IADR Poster and Oral Presentations

Oral presentations were given by Clare Mustchin, Dr. Catherine Butler, Geoff Adams, Bree Jones, Olivia Walsh, Clare Lin, Prof. Stuart Dashper, and Dr. Samantha Byrne. Additionally, there were several other poster presentations.

Announcing Professor Alastair J. Sloan as Vice-President

Head of School Alastair J Sloane

Last but not least, we are delighted to announce that our Head of School, Alastair has been elected as the Vice-President of the IADR ANZ Division. His contributions to our field over 25 years have earned him this prestigious role. Prior to arriving in Australia, Alastair served on the British Division's management committee for over 7 years and has served global IADR in numerous roles.