Elevating Learning: Orthodontic PG Students’ Day Out at Lilydale Funflight

Lilydale Airport hosted the FunFlight event, where special needs and foster children experienced sky-high adventures and a BBQ, with the assistance and participation of our Orthodontic Postgraduate students.

Orthodontics Students Group Photo

Lilydale Airport was the buzzing hub of joy on Sunday, 22 October, hosting the amazing FunFlight event.

This annual event, under the direction of Dr. Tony Collett, a multifaceted alumni as an orthodontist and pilot, special needs children from Very Special Kids, little heroes from CleftPals Victoria, and foster children from Anglicare were given a day sprinkled with sky-high adventure and good old BBQ fun.

Orthodontics Students Flight

Behind this day of sky-high fun, our squad of hardworking Orthodontics Postgraduate students, who are supervised by Tony in the Royal Dental Hospital Melbourne (RDHM) under Prof. Marie Cornelis' team, were invited to help out on the day. They even had a chance to fly in a light aircraft too!

  • Laura Chen
  • Brandon Lim
  • Brandon Chow
  • Calvin Wong
  • Nicola Wong

A special shout-out to Laura, our balloon artist of the day!

Orthodontics Student with Balloon