If you are interested in joining the program in 2020, please email your expression of interest to mdhs-alumni@unimelb.edu.au

Mentoring is a relationship in which an experienced mentor provides guidance and support to a current student. Mentoring is a mutually beneficial partnership in which both individuals grow and develop through the process of sharing and listening.

The Melbourne Dental School Mentoring Program is a one-year, semi-structured program that fosters relationships between experienced practitioners and students in the final year of their Doctor of Dental Surgery or Bachelor of Oral Health studies, enhancing their transition from dental school into the professional workforce.

The aims of the program are to:

  • Enhance the ‘fitness to practice’ of students graduating from MDS
  • Encourage the proactive integration of graduates from MDS into the dental profession
  • Foster a network of alumni who are actively involved in the MDS

Please contact the MDHS Alumni Relations Team on 03 9035 7869 or via email with any questions.

    Dr Jodie Dobson and Kaya Kapusta - our mentoring experience

    Read about mentor Jodie and mentee Kaya's experiences in the 2017 Dentistry Mentoring Program.