MDHS Mentoring Program

We are so pleased to be offering the MDHS Mentoring Program again this year.

The program is an 8-month commitment that commenced as a virtual program in March 2021.

Mentors and students are matched according to study area or degree, as well as interests, experience and preferences for meeting arrangements.

While last year came with many challenges, our mentors and students engaged with the program and gained a lot from it.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of supporting final year dentists in training in their transition from student to workplace professional. As a woman in a surgical field, I see my role to help to break down any perceived gender barriers, as well as any barriers that may exist between the specialist and general dental community. 2020 was challenging with Covid-19, because I only interacted with my mentee virtually mostly, but we were both glad to spend some time together in person and in my practice eventually.” – Dr Mehrnoosh (Nu) Dastaran (MPhil (DentSci) 2017).

"The mentoring program was invaluable to my final year, especially with clinical placements on a 5-month hiatus. Fortunately, my mentor, Dr Jodie Dobson, lived within 5kms of me and we regularly caught up for walks. These weekly catch-ups allowed me to feel strongly supported on both an academic and personal level during the trialling times of such bizarre year" – Krishen Thayanantha,  (DDS 2021 and 2020 mentee).

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