DentAlliance: Innovation CPD Program from new international dental alliance

Emerging trends and innovations in dentistry is the focus of new CPD training from DentAlliance – a partnership between the University of Melbourne’s Dental School and international counterparts in the US, UK and Singapore.

Held at four locations around the world, and at the Melbourne Dental School on 10th and 11th September this year, the CPD program ’Contemporary Global Trends in Clinical Dentistry and Future Perspectives’ features engaging content, practical case studies, hands-on training and clinical insights from a range of international experts.

Over the two days, participants are able to attend any of these half-day workshops on:

  • Crown lengthening surgery
  • 3D orthodontic diagnosis
  • Digital planning for aesthetic and functional success
  • Third molar surgery.

The in-person workshops are supported by four 45-minute webinars presented by leading dental clinicians from the Melbourne Dental School as well as King’s College London, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the National University of Singapore.

Professor Alastair Sloan, Head of the Melbourne Dental School, said that the CPD program was the first of many new training and network opportunities offered by Dental Alliance.

“The hybrid delivery of this CPD program brings the best of both worlds. Participants will do their hands-on training in their hometowns while the webinars will expose them to leading international dental experts and peer networks in the US, UK and Singapore,” said Professor Sloan.

To register for this upcoming CPD opportunity, visit the DentAlliance website.

About DentAlliance

Four prestigious dental schools around the world have joined forces to advance and transform research, education and practice in dentistry and the oral and craniofacial health sciences.

DentAlliance is a partnership between the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill Adams School of Dentistry; King’s College London’s Faculty of Dentistry, Oral and Craniofacial Sciences; National University of Singapore Faculty of Dentistry; and the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Dental School.

The DentAlliance partners will collaborate across borders to reimagine education and curriculum development, to pursue new and transformative research and discovery initiatives, and to enhance professional practice in dentistry and the oral and craniofacial health sciences.

The partnership will inspire and train future leaders and practitioners of the profession on a global stage, creating new and innovative training, development and exchange opportunities and for students and employees.