Clinical mentoring program facilitated by the Melbourne Dental School

This year, we are thrilled to be trialling a clinical mentoring program to establish mentoring networks and techniques to support graduates in their first year of clinical practice and beyond.

The program will commence three months before students are due to graduate and will comprise of six online sessions. Mentoring will be undertaken in groups of 10 students.

Mentors will share their insights with students and will need to be experienced general practitioner dentists.

The first three sessions will work through case studies designed by MDS. In the last three sessions, student will work through their own case studies, based on their experience in the workplace.

The program will provide students with a clinical framework that can be applied immediately and allow mentors to experience a greater sense of engagement with early career dentists.

If you would like to be involved in  the clinical mentoring program, please register your interest with  Sue Gillespie at