COVID-19 Update

May 14th, 2020.

GOOD NEWS! Back on Track!

We are pleased to announce that government health authorities have advised that dentistry can move back from Level 2 restrictions to Level 1 restrictions effective immediately.

This means we are back to ‘business as usual’ but with the exception that we will not treat anyone who is COVID-19 positive or is exhibiting any clinical symptoms of COVID-19 or who have been in close contact with anyone with COVID-19.

The University has also partially lifted student attendance to allow our post-graduate student clinics such as orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, paedeatrics and endodontics to resume as of May 18th and general dental services to continue through our qualified general dentists.

Please keep in mind that the COVID-19 situation is being monitored daily and your health and safety is of the utmost importance to us. We will continue to operate with additional precautions in place to best protect you and our staff. We ask that when visiting our practice, please observe the health and safety information displayed and follow the directions of practice staff.


To ensure your safety and in consideration of our staff we have introduced measures that will help protect all of us in this new environment:

  • You will be greeted on the ground floor at 723 Swanston St Carlton, with an Melbourne Dental Clinic (MDC) staff member who will triage you through the process of, hand sanitizer, written screening questions, temperature check and regulating patient and staff movements through lifts and stairs to ensure appropriate social distancing
  • Staggered appointment start times have been introduced to increase social distancing amongst staff, students and patients
  • Our staff will wear long sleeved gowns, safety glasses, gloves and surgical masks for all procedures
  • Patients will be asked to undertake a 20-30 second pre-operative mouth rinse, where necessary
  • When entering the surgery patients will be asked to wash their hands prior to sitting in the dental chair

So, if you do have a dental need or just need a check, scale and clean – do it now! !

If you need further information about ‘Level 1’ dental procedures, or wish to book an appointment please call 03 9035 8402. Bookings can also be made online at

Thank you for your continued support in these challenging times.

Your Team at the Melbourne Dental Clinic

Melbourne Dental Clinic