How do I make an appointment?

Option 1

Make an appointment with our student clinic or private dentist

Option 2

Make an enquiry / Ask a question


Or phone us on 03 9035 8402 to make an appointment in the clinic.

Orthodontic Consultations – please call or send an enquiry

Please note that as we are a teaching clinic, our appointments may sometimes take longer than at other dental service providers.

  • What should I expect to pay on the day?

    The cost of treatment at the MDC is generally reduced because we offer a supervised student model of care. A treatment plan and Informed Financial Consent will be presented to you after the initial consultation.

    Payment for all procedures must be made in full at the time of your treatment. We accept all major credit cards, except for American Express and Diners Club.

    Payment plans can be arranged interest-free (denticare).

    Private health insurance

    Patients with private health insurance are advised to contact their private health insurer to determine the rebate available for treatment provided at the MDC. On the spot HICAPS claims are only available through our private clinic, this is not applicable for the undergraduate and postgraduate student clinics.

    A receipt can be issued in order to make a claim with your health insurance provider for treatment completed by the undergraduate and postgraduate clinic.

    Child Dental Benefits Schedule

    We treat children under the Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS).

    The CDBS provides financial support of up to $1,000 for basic dental services. A child may be eligible for the CDBS if they:

    • Are between aged between 2 to 7 years on any one day for the calendar year;
    • Receive, or their family, guardian or carer receives, eligible government benefits such as Family Tax Benefit Part A, and;
    • Are eligible for Medicare.

    For further details and to confirm eligibility please contact Medicare.

    Please note: Payment is required at the Clinic in full on the day of service. Claims can then be submitted directly to Medicare. Please inform the reception staff prior to your appointment if your child is eligible under this scheme.

    International Students

    Payment in full is required on the day of service. If you are insured, we strongly recommend you confirm with your insurer that your treatment will be covered and then a claim can be made post treatment.

  • How treatment works

    On first visit to the clinic, patients will be assessed by Melbourne Dental Clinic’s team of clinicians to ensure that each patient has the most appropriately skilled clinician assigned to their case. If appropriate, general dentistry students will perform x-rays and other diagnostics and the results will be referred to the Specialty Clinics for comprehensive assessment.

    Preventative dentistry and oral health education for patients will generally be provided by supervised undergraduate students, as part of the comprehensive dental care.

  • Failing to attend and Rescheduling policy

    Steps we take to ensure you are aware of your appointment, depending on your contact preferences either an email or text message will be sent:

    (1) Communication is sent: 2 hours after your appointment is reserved in our schedule, this is so you can ensure the appointment is recorded in your schedule. This communication will advise you of the time, day, location and contact number of the Melbourne Dental Clinic.

    (2) If your appointment is booked greater than 1 week in the future, an email will be sent 7 days prior to the scheduled appointment, this includes the time, day, location and contact number of the Melbourne Dental Clinic. If you push 'confirm appointment' you will not receive any further reminders for this appointment.

    (3) Communication is sent: 3 days prior to your appointment you will receive a text/email reminder requesting you confirm your appointment by responding "1", otherwise to call the clinic on 03 9035 8402. This allows you to make the necessary arrangements to either reschedule your dental appointment or your other commitments.

    (4) Appointments rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice prior to the appointment time will be subject to the 'Fail to attend and Rescheduling policy'.

    We understand that we all live busy lives and things change. We encourage our patients to call us and let us know if they cannot attend their appointment. Our team will work with you to reschedule appointments or help you attend your appointment (e.g. helping you to book a taxi or arranging an interpreter).

    However, patients that habitually miss their appointments or cancel at short notice have a negative impact on other patients wishing to attend the clinic. Our clinic works on an appointment basis therefore, the missed appointments can deprive another patient from seeing one of our students/dentists.

    If you do cancel, reschedule or fail to attend an appointment once or twice, we will allow these instances.

    However, if this occurs three times, then all future appointments must be made by calling the clinic. You will be restricted from being able to book online and will be requested to secure all future appointments with a minimum deposit fee of $30 (credit/debit card details will be collected at time of making this appointment and the deposit fee will be credited to your account when you arrive for your appointment). If you fail to attend the appointment the deposit fee will be forfeited. Deposit fee amounts are at the clinic's discretion and may vary based on the complexity of the planned appointment.

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