No teeth, no good! In Australia alone, 1 in 5 people delay dental treatment due to the cost. But thanks to the Melbourne Dental Clinic (MDC) you don’t need to delay your dental treatment any longer.

It’s well worth spending a few moments discovering the many benefits of our unique dental and oral health care model. Conveniently located in a world-class facility, we offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ with most dental specialties in the once place. Our services range from provision of general dentistry to management of complex oral diseases. MDC is fortunate to be equipped with modern equipment in a central Melbourne position with close access to public transport.

We are an affiliate of the University of Melbourne. The graduate and postgraduate students from the Melbourne Dental School carry out our student dental services under the supervision of leading dental practitioners in Melbourne. We also have a private dental practice with fully qualified dental and oral health practitioners. The fees associated with these two levels of service are adjusted according to whether or not they are set in the teaching and learning environment.

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We are very grateful you are supporting our teaching and learning environment. Your support significantly contributes to the quality and professionalism of the next generation of Australian dentists.