Mentoring Program

In 2017 the Melbourne Dental School will pilot a mentoring program that aims to support student transition to professional practice by linking them with alumni mentors established in the industry. Ten final year Doctor of Dental Surgery and five Bachelor of Oral Health students will be partnered with alumni mentors based on their shared professional interests, course of study, and area of practice.

The mentoring program will involve regular face-to-face meetings with a mentor from March to October 2017 and a number of group information sessions.

If the pilot mentoring program is deemed a success then it will be expanded for ongoing implementation in 2018.

Benefits of participating for students:

  • Enhance the transition to professional practice
  • Increase professional competency and confidence
  • Gain exposure to work or learning experiences in practice
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your skills, motivations and career options
  • Increase your professional networks and connections
  • Identify and develop your career strategy post-study
  • Improve your CV
  • Develop confidence in a professional setting


Applications open: 31st October – 13th November 2016. Applications close at 5:00pm.

There are 10 mentee positions available to fourth year Doctor of Dental Surgery students and five mentee positions available to third year Bachelor of Oral Health students in 2017. Please do not apply if you are not in either of these categories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are my responsibilities and commitments as a mentee?
    • Mentees (current students) are responsible for leading the mentor relationship and are expected to initiate the first contact and organise all face-to-face meetings and communication with their mentor. We recommend a monthly face-to-face interaction with your mentor.
    • Mentees are expected to have regular meetings with their mentors for a duration of nine months from February to October 2017. The exact nature and frequency of these meetings can be determined between the mentee and mentor and may include clinical observation and learning, informal meetings over coffee, attending a public lecture together and much more.
    • Meetings take place at a location and time most convenient for you and your mentor.
    • In addition to this you will be required to attend three facilitated group information sessions held at the University throughout the year (start, middle and end of program), and you will also be required to complete a program feedback survey. Note: where possible information sessions will be held at a time and location that is convenient for mentors and mentees.
  • Can I choose my mentor?

    No, we will match you with a mentor taking into consideration the preferences and interests you have provided on your application form. However, in some cases we may not have mentors registered who meet your requirements. If this happens you have the option to select on the application form how important it is for you to be matched with someone who fulfills all of your criteria.

  • How do you decide which students are selected for this program?

    As this is a pilot program, participation numbers are limited and so not all applications will be successful. Applications will be assessed on a variety of criteria, including academic merit, student need, response to the application questions and suitability to the available mentors. It is planned that participation numbers will also be expanded in the full roll out of the program in 2018.

  • Where will I meet my mentor?

    Mentor/mentee meetings need to be scheduled at a location and time suitable for both parties, however it is preferable that mentees work around their mentor’s schedule. Please note there is no requirement for mentors to meet you on campus, in fact we would encourage you to meet your mentor at their workplace or a location nearby.

  • I am not a fourth year DDS or third year BOH student. Will this program be available to me in later years of my degree?

    If the program is deemed a success in 2017 then it is intended that this program be introduced as a permanent opportunity for fourth year DDS students and third year BOH students. Places may still be restricted.