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Do you remember studying dentistry and wondering what it was going to be like in the real world? There are students at Melbourne Dental School right now with exactly the same questions. Can you help them?


We are currently seeking 15 alumni to participate in the Melbourne Dental School Mentoring Program pilot. Five oral health practitioners and ten dentists currently operating in a general dentist practice will be selected for this pilot. It will be a great opportunity to enhance your coaching and leadership skills and connect with the next generation of graduates. Please read the information below and submit your application by 11:59pm on Friday 24th February 2017:

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  • What might I expect to gain from joining the mentoring program?
    • Develop a fresh perspective on your career
    • Extend your professional network
    • Help to shape the future of your profession and community
    • Connect with the next generation of graduates
    • Support your mentee to identify and achieve their career goals and develop in confidence
    • Participation in workshops contribute to CPD hours
    • Reconnect or develop closer links with the University of Melbourne, ranked #1 in Australia
  • What are the attributes of a good mentor?

    A mentor is someone who is:

    • Willing and eager to listen
    • Enthusiastic and yet honest
    • Open to learning and self-reflection
    • Happy to share experiences, both positive and negative
    • Supports and listens rather than coaching or lecturing
  • What is required of a mentor?

    To be eligible to become a mentor you need to:

    • Have graduated as either a dentist or an Oral Health Therapist from the Melbourne Dental School
    • Be currently working clinically in dental profession (either public and/or private) and preferably in a general dental environment as opposed to specialist practice
    • Commit to at least monthly face-to-face meetings with your mentee between April and October 2017
    • Attend two training/networking sessions, one at the start and the other at the completion of the program (for which CPD credits will be available)
    • Demonstrate professional and ethical conduct
  • Contact us

    For further information, please contact the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Alumni Relations team on 9035 7869 or at